3-D in Movie Theaters

This article reminded me that I wanted to write about 3-D movies.

Many people have written about how 3-D won't work due to physiological
issues with eye strain and wearing glasses for extended periods of
time. While these issues are real, I have faith that technology will
get to the point where these issues are mitigated if not eliminated.

Everyone knows that movies are entertainment, and as such, an
unnecessary good. The market has already priced out this good:
entertain me for about 2 hours and I will pay $10 for that
entertainment. Theaters have thus far priced 3-D movies as a marginal
good: 3-D is better and thus should be higher value. The only problem
is, it isn't (or at best, the margin is short lived).

I wonder if "talkies" demanded a higher ticket price when they were introduced?

Once 3-D movies cost the same as a regular projection, they will
simply become the norm at theaters because all the other reasons to go
to the theater (timed releases, big screen, popcorn?) will have
eroded. The theater is already becoming a throw-away entertainment
activity, and 3-D will be the only thing keeping them alive, until the
next technology comes along. Personal surround sound, anyone?