Microsoft's iPad battle plan for partners

This presentation is pretty desperate; it has a lot of FUD that is really unwarranted.  For example, the question about line of business apps on the first slide would have you believe Microsoft is foreshadowing the point that iOS cannot handle line of business apps, when in fact that was one of the facets of the iOS developer program when it launched.  Another piece of excellent FUD is the "rich, searchable filesystem" support on Windows 7 devices.  It's obvious that users never cared about it in the first place, and even Bill Gates confessed that WinFS was a waste of time.  If rich, searchable filesystems were that important to enterprises, Microsoft would never have stopped engineering on that as enterprise sales account for so much of its revenue.

One of the main, valid points against iPad is that it is not focused on productivity.  This is a fair criticism, but again, if Microsoft actually cared about Windows-based devices that could spur creativity & productivity through interfaces like touch and pen, it wouldn't have cancelled Courier.